Bedroom Redo

We have put off buying a new duvet cover and pillow cases for years because Grady is a mess and our old bedding hid stains really well. We've reached the point of wear and tear that is no longer fixable though, so new bedding ahoy!

Our bedroom is currently Builder Beige but we're planning to paint it a deep, rich taupe-y colour in the near future. Our current bedding is a dusty blue / grey floral print. I like soothing colours and jewel tones. I dislike bright yellow and oranges.

Which bedding would you choose?

Top row from left to right: west elm, Hayneedle, west elm, Hayneedle 
Bottom row from left to right: Hayneedle, Ikea, Ikea, Ikea

My favourite is the west elm Stained Glass Floral (top row, third from left) but I'm nervous about all the white space (I fear ketchup fingers.)

I don't love love any of the Ikea choices but the price and convenience are attractive. I live fifteen minutes away from Ikea. My top three picks from Ikea are different prices but the most expensive would still be <$60 for a king-sized duvet cover and two king-sized shams. (Versus $150USD + the inconvenience of shipping to my sister's USA postal box and waiting for her to pick it up for the west elm Stained Glass Floral set.)

Maybe we're still in the "buy Ikea and upgrade later" stage of life. Then again, bedding is something you use and look at every day so maybe it's worth the extra cash to end up with something you really love and enjoy. I would just feel terrible is we spent a couple hundred dollars on new bedding only to have Grady spill juice on it (not an unlikely scenario.)

Where do you buy bedding? Please tell me there's a hidden gem I don't know about. Cheap bedding that looks and feels fabulous - is that too much to ask?