In 2015 I will attend my oldest friend's bachelorette party where I will sip fruity, alcoholic drinks and not worry about pickling a fetus.

In 2015 I will drive to Seattle to attend The Blathering and meet friends I've only known through my computer screen.

In 2015 I will give all the new baby cuddles to my soon(ish)-to-arrive-niece.

In 2015 I will paint my bedroom and not worry that my fetus is getting high from the fumes.

In 2015 I will seriously consider taking Grady camping.

In 2015 I will train for and complete The Ride to Conquer Cancer (and not be 9 months pregnant when I cross the finish line.)

In 2015 I will go to England. I will watch my oldest friend get married. I will hug heart friends I haven't seen in person since 2007. I may also go to Ireland because I am still walking around with dead baby bits inside of me and that carries a lot of sway when discussing travel plans.

In 2015 I will continue to work on my fitness because I actually quite enjoy it, and at some point I will wear a bikini because all this sweat has got to be for something, right?

In 2015 I will drink all the gin and eat all the soft cheese my heart desires.

In 2015 I will celebrate my second cancerversary and celebrate one year in remission (just four more to go before I get my "all clear.")

In 2015 I will finally see Banff and Lake Louise.

In 2015 I will turn 33. Shawn will turn 37. Grady will turn 4. We will have epic birthday celebrations. There will be much cake.

In 2015 I will continue to try to find my happy, even when things feel a bit gloomy.