Today marks the start of World Milksharing Week, an event I was completely unaware of until a few short years ago. Before Grady was born, I didn't even realize donor breastmilk was a thing

And then I ended up at BC Women's a couple months after Grady was born. My milk supply was already established and my oversupply meant I was having to pump before feedings so my forceful letdown wouldn't choke Grady, and in between feedings to relieve pressure. When I saw the milk bank at BC Women's, it was a relief. I didn't know about informal milksharing and I couldn't bear to dump my hard-earned breastmilk down the drain. With the discovery of the milk bank, I could finally clean out the bags and bags of frozen breastmilk from my freezer. 

Donor milk is an important factor in some breastfeeding relationships. Some babies are too little or too sick to safely consume formula. Some mamas can't produce enough breastmilk on their own and need donor milk to supplement their own supply. I'm glad that donor milk, and milk sharing, exist for those mamas who want to feed their babies breastmilk, just like I'm glad that formula exists for the mamas who need to use formula. I don't care how you feed your baby, let's just feed our babies. 

I am lucky enough to work for a company that wants to help us feed our babies. I got to work on Pump Across America earlier this year and I'm excited to share it here. Pump Across America features photos submitted by pumping moms all across the US.

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