The Potty

Grady is not potty trained. We went through a brief period of interest in the potty about a year ago and then nothing. I couldn't muster the energy to fret about it - I figured we'd try again when he was a bit older. He turned three less than a month ago. Still being in diapers was not a big deal.

Or so I thought.

Grady goes to daycare two days per week. Up until last month, he was in the infant room. When he turned three, he moved into the preschool (threes to fives) room. We're still getting used to the preschool room and the new teachers and new schedule. Like how they're trying to nap wean my child (and they can eff right the eff off; I am clinging to Grady's daily nap.)

Today Grady came home out of sorts. He screamed at Shawn over something little. He clung to me and insisted I carry him around the kitchen while I made dinner.

And then while we were getting ready for bed it came out: one of the daycare ladies told Grady if he doesn't use the potty, he'll turn back into a baby.

You guys, Grady insisted on sitting on his potty until he peed so he wouldn't turn into a baby while he slept. Which might have been okay if he had actually managed to pee. But he couldn't. We sat there for twenty minutes. I ran water. I made shushing noises. I tried everything I could think of to help him pee; I told him he wouldn't turn into a baby if he continued to use diapers; I told him to tell the daycare lady she's silly if she says it again - and none of it helped. Grady went to bed upset and afraid.

And I'm going to bed annoyed. I'm sorry my diapered child is so inconvenient. That's why you're not looking after him for free. We pay you to care for him and right now that care includes two, maybe three, diaper changes twice per week.

We haven't asked them for help potty training. We haven't even mentioned potty training. Someone just took it upon herself to shame / scare my child into submission. And that makes me angry.

Am I overreacting? I honestly don't know.