Crunch Time

We agonized for months over whether or not to sell our condo. We made pros and cons lists. We played out various scenarios in our minds. We thought of every "what if?" possibility.

We put our condo on the market just after Easter. Last week we received an offer for full asking price - as long as we can be out by May 29th. Cue panic.

Our condo was competitively priced but we didn't expect to receive full asking price in this market. We had fallen in love with two houses - a heritage home in the same city and a brand new house in a different city (but still close - about a 10-minute drive from our current home.) The heritage house sold before we could make an offer so the decision was made for us - we would jump in with both feet and agree to our buyer's crazy move-in date and just go for it.

I am not a "just go for it" kind of person. I'm a thinker. I analyze. I overanalyze. It's kind of my thing. But there's a weird kind of freedom in just saying "let's do this thing!"

Of course, this could all go horribly sideways. We could potentially end up homeless in two weeks if our buyers go through with the purchase and our purchase falls through. We don't have a safety net.

But it could be awesome. We could be in our brand new home by the end of the month.

It's all happening so quickly. I'm stressed. I'm tense. Both deals could still fall through (deposits aren't due until later this week.) Negotiations could still make or break either deal.

But I'm happy. So much has gone wrong over the past year. I'm ready for something to go right.