My older sister and I referred to my thyroid nodule as Cysty Spacek to keep things light and fluffy before finding out about the cancer.

And now I've got Franken-ovary, or Frank for short. Frank is my ovarian dermoid. That contains teeth. And hair. And muscle and fat.

You guys. I was horrified for a minute. And then my lovely doctor (who is back from mat leave - YAY!) said that this is something I can laugh about. After a tough year, a tiny little benign cyst (we're talking an inch in diameter which is nothing compared to the baseball-sized thyroid tumour) with teeth is gross and creepy and funny. So I'm laughing. And cringing a little. But mostly laughing.

I need to have another ultrasound of Frank in three months but other than that I don't have to worry about it (him?) I'm totally going to bring one of those reveal cards to my ultrasound. You know, the cards that say boy / girl and the tech circles one and seals it in an envelope? Yeah. It's been a rough year. Let me have my fun.