Synthetic thyroid hormone therapy is a necessary evil for me. Without it I will die. No drama, it's just the facts.

But synthetic thyroid hormone therapy is kind of making me want to die right now. (A little drama, maybe.)

I was told in February that my latest dose was *the* dose. The elusive dose that would make me feel great and suppress the rogue thyroid cells remaining in my body so I don't end up with thyroid cancer in my liver or some such nonsense.

But it's not the magic dose. In fact, my levels are worse than they were in January. I'm heading in the wrong direction.

The kicker is that it takes about six weeks for synthetic thyroid hormones to build up enough in your system to notice a difference in your symptoms. I was told in February that I would feel good mid-March. Spoiler alert: mid-March has come and gone. I do not feel good.

Six is the number of weeks until I feel good. I am clutching, white-knuckled, to the hope that they will find the correct dose this time and I actually will start to feel good. Or at least not feel like dying.