Change of Course

So I'm kind of going through some stuff (ha! Captain Obvious alert.) It's not all bad stuff. There's some good stuff and some unexpected stuff and some boring old grownup stuff thrown in for good measure. But it's all happening at once. I feel like the last week has just been this clusterfuck of stuff and I need a moment to catch my breath.

I used to thrive in fast-paced environments and now I'm all "you want me to make a decision? Now? Can't we just sit here in this sunbeam and sip tea?"

Sometimes I feel like a very old 31-year old. (Old and dumb - it just took me way too long to remember how old I currently am.)

So this stuff I'm going through is all very preliminary and feels a bit weird to talk about right now (I know I'm being all yucky and vague but I can't help it. I promise it's all very mundane and nothing to get excited about) but I'm curious - when big life events present themselves unexpectedly do you jump in head first or are you more cautious? I've never been much of a "leap of faith" kind of person (except for that time I moved to England by myself) but I find myself drawn to these changes I'm facing without trepidation. I got this, you know?