Grady and I watched the sunrise this morning. I can't think of a better way to spend a birthday morning than to watch the sun slowly rise up behind the mountains.

Nope. Wait. Just thought of something that is better. Sleeping in. Take note for next year, Grady.

We went for coffee at my favourite coffee shop and then we went for a walk and pretended to be statues while Shawn pretended not to know us.

We went to my parents' house for a full turkey lunch (Thanksgiving birthdays are the best, you guys.) We had five different kinds of pie. Five.

I went for my very first facial and I did not hate it. I don't know if I liked it yet (my skin is persnickety and there's a pretty good chance I'll wake up tomorrow cherry red even though they used all natural ingredients.) It did get me thinking about skincare though, so y'all have that post to look forward to (not really.)

Grady graced us with his presence for a pizza dinner even though he "already ate dinner LAST NIGHT. MOM." (#threenager)

It was the very best kind of birthday. Full of the people I love. My phone died midway through the day (my iPhone has been living on borrowed time ever since I fully submerged it in water in January 2013. It is becoming less and less functional but it still works! Sometimes!) so when I finally found a power source I had a wave of messages and birthday love notes from my friends. It was the kind of day where my heart felt full numerous times. I can't ask for anything more than that. (Except maybe a new phone. Please and thanks.)