Let Go

I have been waiting for 2014 for a long time. I know that 2013 ending doesn't mean that my bad luck is over but it feels so good to shut the door on the worst year of my life.

I want to leave 2013 behind. I want to let go and stop holding on to my pain and my fear and my failures. I want to be hopeful. I want to feel optimism and joy.

I want to focus my energy on things that fill me up instead of things and people who suck the air from my life.

I want to cross things off my list with enthusiasm.

In 2014 I want to:

Write more.
Learn the manual settings on my camera.
Make cheese from scratch.
Register for and run a 5km race.
Get a professional bra fitting.
Paint or wallpaper the accent wall in our bedroom.
Organize a 70th birthday party for my dad.
Take swimming lessons with Grady.
Go on a date with Shawn at least once a month.
Find a natural / healthy(ish) makeup that does not cost one million dollars or make my stupidly sensitive skin peel off.
Host Friendsgiving for my birthday.
Meet some bloggy / Twitter friends who I've known only through the computer screen.
Take advantage of the counselling I can access through the cancer agency because I'm feeling a little crazier than usual and it's dumb to turn down free therapy.
Change my last name to Shawn's last name and get new ID / passport.
Make marmalade.
Make fantastic, over-the-top, crazy indulgent desserts for each of my siblings' birthdays.
Make Grady a play tent, superhero cape, and advent calendar.
Complete one full "buy nothing" month.

Adding things to my list is slightly addictive. I hope it's as much fun crossing things off my list. What do you want to accomplish in 2014?