Five Things

Shawn's motorcycle was stolen on the weekend. In the grand scheme of things it's not a tragedy but it's really annoying and sad. Shawn loved that bike. He's worked on it and tinkered with it for the last 5 years and now it's gone. It's also without theft coverage which means that it's just gone, no replacement, no insurance money, just gone.

We are trying to teach Grady manners and it really felt like he was starting to understand but then he started saying, "thank-you-mama-you're-welcome-Grady" all in one breath instead of just "thanks" so no, he doesn't understand manners but we don't care because it is freaking adorable.

I'm ready for autumn. I won't apologize. I need me some pumpkin baked goods in my belly. I'm looking for a good pumpkin spice muffin recipe if anyone's got one to share.

Shawn and I finally started watching Homeland and we are devouring it. We're halfway through season 2 and we have many feeeeelings about Carrie. We tend to get very shouty while watching, which is inadvisable when you have a 2-year old sponge who mirrors everything you do and say. Grady shouted, "stupid bitch!" at the tv while watching Dora is what I'm saying.

Yesterday was my older sister's birthday and today is my younger sister's birthday and I'm feeling very grateful for my siblings. We've all had our ups and downs over the years but they've got my back and I'm lucky to have them. My siblings make me want to give Grady a sibling. Not any time soon. But maybe one day.

What's going on with you?