I Should Not Be Allowed to Touch Computers

You guys, I am so frustrated. I cannot figure out Squarespace. I wanted to move away from Blogger because I felt like I couldn't interact (I would try to reply to a comment and get the "noreply@blogger" business) but Squarespace is proving to be just as frustrating / complicated. Or ... maybe I am just really dumb. Either is a viable possibility.  

I just tried to email the winners for my giveaway but I cannot figure out how to get their email addresses. You have to enter an email address to leave a comment. I should be able to access that email address, shouldn't I? I have the option of responding to comments on my blog but I don't know if that means the comment just goes up on my blog or if it's emailed to the original commenter  (spellcheck is telling me that commenter isn't a word but I am tired and feisty so it stays.) Does anyone know what I'm talking about / how to fix it? I have zero energy to figure this out on my own. 

So I tracked down my winners using alternate methods. Christina, Jessica, and Kara - check your Twitter DMs, Facebook, and email respectively. Thanks!