Thanks, Friends!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped me out with my commenting issue. I still don't know exactly what's wrong but my little bit of recon makes me feel like I'm on the right track to sorting it out. You are all rockstars and I wish we all lived closer so I could high five you in person.

It kind of looks like Squarespace wants everyone to create a Squarespace account to be able to comment easily. Which is annoying. I remember being annoyed when I had to create a Wordpress account a while back just so I could comment on Wordpress blogs. It's frustrating because it feels like commenting is on its way to becoming extinct and the various blogging platforms are making it more difficult for people to comment on blogs instead of easier. Maybe they're all secretly owned by Twitter? (I am guilty of commenting on blog posts via Twitter instead of on the actual blog and I am definitely guilty of just posting abbreviated posts in tweets instead of writing an actual blog post.)

I know that blogging about blogging is basically the most unhip thing ever but ( I am unhip! and) I'm genuinely interested to hear what you think. Do you use Twitter more than reading/writing blog posts? Do you still comment on blogs? How do you connect online?