Tomorrow I meet with my surgeon to find out the pathology report from my last surgery.

My last surgery removed the right lobe (the remainder) of my thyroid. If it is clear, if my right lobe does not contain any cancer, there is a good possibility that I will not require further treatment. If it is not clear, if they found cancer in both lobes, I will likely have to undergo radioactive iodine treatment.

I have been trying to stay in a good headspace since my last surgery but it's been difficult. I had a bad feeling leading up to my last surgery and then there were complications and my overnight hospital stay turned into a 4-day hospital stay. It's kind of a chicken / egg situation and to be honest I'm not sure what I believe. Was my bad feeling caused by my intuition (my dad is a bit psychic and I think I inherited my intuitive side from him) or were the complications and rough recovery caused by my bad feeling? Probably it's a bit of both. Or, rather, probably I am over thinking and being a bit of a dithering idiot about the whole thing.

Either way, I am trying to have a positive attitude about tomorrow's appointment. The wine is helping. As is the ice cream. It can't be all quinoa and fresh juice around here all the time.