Christmas Spending Money Pot - Winner!

Alright, peeps, here is a list of everyone I received $2 from to participate in the Christmas Spending Money Pot portion of the Holiday Card Swap:

Alice, Tara, Alex, Lara, Meghan, Susan, Andrea, Emily B., Stephanie, Wendryn, Amber, Holly, Emily W., Michelle, Sara, Kara, Sylvie, Brandy, Marianne, Brittany, Carla, Charlotte, LovinLittleMissMama.

If you don't see your name but you sent money, please email me and we'll try to figure out where your $2 ended up. It's too late to participate in the money pot but we can figure out where you $2 went and get it refunded to you. 

So! Now! The fun part! I assigned everyone a number based on when they signed up and then entered those numbers into to get the winner. And the winner is ... Marianne! Congratulations and happy Friday the 13th, lady!

Thanks to everyone for participating (in the card swap and the money pot!) I had a lot of fun organizing it. I hope you all enjoy your cards and maybe find some new friends in the process.