Happy Hallowe'en From My Little Rocket Man

I made Grady an Elton John costume for Hallowe'en this year. And by "made" I mean I stuck a $1 sheet of sparkly star stickers to the suit his grandpapa gave him for Christmas last year that he has worn exactly once. His cousin's fabulous sunglasses rounded out the look and voila: tiny dancer.  


I reckon there will be many years ahead for ninjas and villains and video game characters. I'm taking advantage of this blank slate and malleable personality while I still can.


What are your littles dressing up as for Hallowe'en? Are you trick-or-treating? We haven't decided if we're going to take Grady out yet. He's never been and he won't know he's missing out if we decide to stay in and eat miniature chocolate bars while wearing our fat pants.