Summer Reading Bingo

Shawn came home and found me in my element: hunched over poster board, using my big ruler, Sharpies in varying colours and widths strewn about. He asked what I was doing and after I told him, he laughed and accused me of taking my "clipboard of fun" to the next level. Advanced Clipboard of Fun, if you will.

I don't even care.


I made an awesome Summer Reading Bingo Card for Grady and he loves it. When he woke up the next morning and found it hanging on the wall he was so excited to get started. We've already made one big run to the library for books and he's managed to knock off nine squares (there's 100 in total) in less than a week. 

Summer Reading Bingo is something I thought up to keep Grady interested in reading during summer break. Grady's school is closed for two full months and that's a long break. I don't want him to lose the momentum he gained, or his enthusiasm for reading. I also want a visual reminder for myself so I can measure how much I'm reading with Grady. With life getting so busy this summer, I don't want Grady's reading to suffer. The visual reminder of how many books we've read together, and how many we have left to go before school starts, will (hopefully) help me stay on top of summer reading better than if I'm relying on my memory. 

Want to play with us? All I did was make a 10x10 grid on poster board and fill it with topics featured in kids' books. Some are easy (Pete the Cat, Iron Man, trucks, etc.) and some will require a trip to the library (ballet dancers). When we read a book featuring one of the 100 topics on the bingo card, Grady gets to colour in the square. He only gets to colour in one square per book (so Pete at the Beach can either knock off the Pete the Cat square, or the beach square, or the cat square, but not all three squares). 

When Grady gets a bingo (ten books in a row), he gets to choose a treat from the list below the grid. The treats are an assortment of things we already had planned for the summer (don't tell him that) like going out for ice cream cones, sleeping in the tent, staying up late, and things like that. 

At almost six years old, the bingo card method ties in perfectly with Grady's need for control (he decides what we're reading and what treat he's earning) and the visual aid is perfect for his personality (he likes to see his progress) and where he's at developmentally. 

How do you keep your kids interested in reading over the summer? 


Meal Plan 07/10/2017 - 07/14/2017

We survived my first week back in the office without getting takeout or delivery for dinner once (I was only in the office two days last week but shhhh....I'm still calling it a win). This week I'm aiming for quick and easy meals that Shawn can get started before I get home because his commute is shorter. 

Monday: Barbecued turkey burgers served with broccoli slaw.

Tuesday: Barbecued beef burgers served with broccoli slaw (I accidentally bought too many buns at the bakery).

Wednesday: Turkey tacos served with fresh veggies and homemade ranch dip.

Thursday: Nachos topped with taco leftovers. Some form of Responsibility Vegetable. 

Friday: Party food (because we're having Grady's kid birthday party a little early this year).

What's on your menu this week?

Tiny Happy Tuesday: 16

What is Tiny Happy Tuesday?

Tiny Happy Tuesday is a prompt to stop, drop, and think of all the good stuff (no matter how minuscule) that adds up to one wonderful life. 

  • Shawn and I went to a wedding. We dressed up and drank cocktails and talked to adults and didn't worry about kids or babies. We had a ton of fun and Poppy and Grady had a ton of fun hanging out with my parents. It was the longest I've been away from the kids since Poppy was born and it was glorious.
  • Following the trend of amazing grandparents stepping up to look after my babies, last week Shawn's dad watched the kids so I could go see him perform. He started playing with a new band a few months ago and they've gained a bunch of momentum in a brief period of time. It was a lot of fun to go out and watch them play, even if I drove straight to the bar and arrived ten minutes before they hit the stage, and left as soon as their set finished so I could make it home to the tiny, furious humans.
  • Today is my first full day back in the office and Poppy's first full day of daycare. I have some complicated feelings about all this but I'm trying to focus on the good. I genuinely like my job and the people I work with so even though leaving my baby is going to be extremely difficult, I'm not leaving her to go somewhere I hate. Also? Thanks to the land of amazing mat leave, I'm not leaving a tiny baby. I'm leaving a 13-month-old. We can do this. (Deep breaths.)

Join me? I'd love for you to grab my graphic and join the Facebook group, and share in the fun (don't forget to use the hashtag: #TinyHappyTuesday so I can follow along!).

Meal Plan 07/03/2017 - 07/07/2017

The kids and I visited the farmers market this morning and our favourite beef guy and the cheese curd lady were there and it's Canada Day weekend. The universe was telling me we had to have poutine is what I'm saying.

Monday: I threw the beef in the slow cooker on low to get nice and tender. I'll simmer it with beer and mushrooms, and serve with the cheese curds on top of roasted sweet potato wedges with broccoli slaw on the side. Not traditional poutine but poutiney enough to satisfy my born-in-Quebec husband so we'll call it a win. 

Tuesday: My first full day back in the office since April of last year. EEP! Tuesday's dinner will consist of Monday's leftovers and feelings in the form of chips and chocolate and gin. 

Wednesday: Rainbow Quinoa Salad served with barbecued chicken.

Thursday: Leftovers! (Another office day. Do you sense a trend?)

Friday: Charcuterie Friday. It's a thing. 

What's on your menu this week?